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{Congratulations on your wedding from Jenny's Flowers}

Turn a wedding dream into a dream wedding.
{ Beautiful Bride's Bouquet}
Perfect for weddings or any special occasion

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{boutonniere $7 with white rose and Stephanotis and Corsage $ made with white Cattleya Orchid}


{boutonniere made with white carnation $3 and corsage $8 for mothers and grandmothers with white cymbidium orhids and tree fern}


{boutonniere $4 and corsage $8 made with champagne roses and peach spray roses with tree fern and pittosporum leaves}


{Fragrant Stephanotis blossom are pearlized with Bouvardia and Ming Fern and Camellia leaves in corsage}


{Fragrant Stephanotis with Ivy leaves represent Happiness in Marriage and fidelity}


{Fragrant Stephanotis with Ivy leaves represent Happiness in Marriage and fidelity}


{Crescent Bouquet with white Cymbidium Orchids, Lavender Roses, Lavender Miniature Carnations, and Physostegia}

Crescent Bouquet

{Beautiful Round-Style Bouquet with Champagne and Sonia Roses, Peach Lilies, White Stock, and Queen Anne's Lace.}


{Striking mixture presented in freeform style with blue Cornflowers, red, yellow, and orange flowers with Bear grass and Nephthytis, and Galax leaves.}

Mix Bouquet

{Garden Roses is clustered into this romantic clutch style bouquet with variegated Pittosporum leaves perfect for Bridesmaids}

Clutch Bouquet

{Casablanca lilies with Variegated Ivy cascades perfect for Arm Bouquet.}

Arm Bouquet

{Lovely Victorian Lace Fan for the Bride with Beach Roses and Spray Roses with Maidenhair Fern.}

Wedding Fan

{Bouquet with Fragrant Stephanotis with Bouvardia}

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