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{Welcome to Jenny's Balloons}

{Rent wedding arch for your wedding at Jenny's balloons!}

Turn a wedding dream into a Cinderella's wedding.

{Cinderella Wedding!}
Balloons are elegant, sophisticated, romantic, sensual and fun.
From romantic entrances to whimsical sculptures to captivating canopies,
balloons set the mood, highlight important areas,
and transform any venue into a magical setting.

You can reach me on my cel (408) 506-2580 or (510) 441-7946
after 6:00 P.M. Monday-Friday and anytime Saturday-Sunday.

{All the love for your elegant wedding} {Elegant for your wedding}
Perfect for weddings or any special occasion

Click on any of the images to see If the pictures didn't come out, just hit Reload again.

{Beautiful background for your wedding}


{Beautiful background for your wedding}


{Beautiful settings for your outdoor wedding}


{Beautiful Canopy for your outdoor wedding}


{Beautiful Canopy for your outdoor wedding}


{Elegant for your Cinderella's wedding}


{This spot should be where you are standing for your wedding}

Fairy Tale

{Cinderella's Ball decoration throughout the party}

Fairy Ball

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