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{Have a Nice Day from Jenny Balloon!} {Have a Nice Day from Jenny Balloon!} {Have a Nice Day from Jenny Balloon!} {Have a Nice Day from Jenny Balloon!} {Have a Nice Day from Jenny Balloon!} {Have a Nice Day from Jenny Balloon!}
{Congratulations on your Engagement from Jenny Balloon}
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Congratulations & Celebrations
Balloons for all Occasions
Parties - Wedding - Events

{Columns with glittery Microfoil Stars make a fabulous head-table and dancefloor treatment for engagement or wedding receptions, as well as corporate banquets. }

Let put magic in the air!
Your guests will be delight by the creativity and excitement that we can produce for you.
Just open your eyes to the wonderful world of balloons and centerpieces and let your imagination soar!
On Site Balloon Decor, Fresh Floral Centerpiece,Gift Baskets, Balloon Drops, Gift In A Balloon, Event Planning.
We provide dazzling balloon decor for any occasion, including weddings, as well as corporate events and parties.

{Together Forever Bouquet}

Please feel free to call for a free consultation or to answer any questions you might have.
You can reach me on my cel (408) 506-2580 or (510) 441-7946
after 6:00 P.M. Monday-Friday and anytime Saturday-Sunday.
I'm doing this as a fun hobby, so I'm only available in the weekend.
Since it is a hobby, I charge very cheap and give you special discount.
Just mention this Internet Special and you will get 10% off.
Order must be $50 minimum. No individual balloon sale. You can also order flat or preinflated.

{A rose for someone special}
Please indicate from the Decoration Checklist which level of services you wish to inquire about ....
Click on the images below that will link to that website.
Please check back every month because different pictures will be added as new events coming.
If you don't want me to use your picture as a model, please let me know so I can take it off.
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{Balloons Dream Cloud create an elegant for the ceremony for your Engagement or Wedding Party}

White Bubbles Arch

{Twisting Arch is fun for the ceremony}

Twisting Arch

{Balloon Arch for your party}

Balloon Arch

{Balloon Arch for your party}

Balloon Arch

{Elegant Balloon Bouquet for your party}

Elegant Centerpiece

{Ceiling Decoration for your party}

Ceiling Balloons

{Balloon Bouquet for your party}

Balloon Bouquet

{Iluminate balloons with twinkle lights for shimmering elegance.}

Romance Gateway

{This will beautified your party}

Pillar Heart

{Canopy for your party}


{Silk ivy on the four spiral balloon Columns give this gazebo a garden look, while special lighting adds drama.}

Garden Gazebo

{Giant Rose Balloons for your party}

Rose Balloon

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