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{Welcome to Jenny's Balloons}

{Congratulation on your anniversary!}

{Congratulation on your 60th anniversary!}

Turn your anniversary to a dream come true.

Balloons are elegant, sophisticated, romantic, sensual and fun.
From romantic entrances to whimsical sculptures to captivating canopies,
balloons set the mood, highlight important areas,
and transform any venue into a magical setting.
Use the charming couple as unique accents on guest book tables, gift tables, and at rehearsal dinners.

You can reach me on my cel (408) 506-2580 or (510) 441-7946
after 6:00 P.M. Monday-Friday and anytime Saturday-Sunday.

{All the love for your elegant anniversary} {Elegant for your anniversary}
Perfect for weddings or anniversary

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{Beautiful background for your 25th anniversary}


{Beautiful bouquet for 25th anniversary}


{Beautiful bouquet for golden anniversary}


{Beautiful columns for your party}


{Beautiful arch column}

Arch Column

{Elegant for your golden anniversary}


{Topiary for centerpiece}


{Magic Heart}


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